Saturday, May 2, 2015

Slim Extreme 3-D

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Eveline cosmetics
Slim extreme 3-D Thermo Active Serum
This is a special formula made for your abdomen and buttocks to reduce the appearance of cellulite to give you firmer and tighter looking skin. It is paraben free and deeply moisturizes the skin. You just apply 2-3 times a week 1-2 times a day in a circular motion. This formula warms up your skin.
It contains:
Equisetum Arvense leaf extract it smooths the skin for a younger looking appearance.
Hydrolyzed wheat protein for moisturizing the skin and make it feel softer.
Cemtella Asiatica it's a herb that smooths and firms the skin.
Laminaria hypoborea extract which is rich in mineral salts that deeply moisturizes and perfectly refreshes the skin.
It states on the tube that anyone with sensitive skin or varicose veins should not use this product.
It is also dermatologically tested.
I have used this for about two weeks and seen little results this is not an overnight product it takes time but I do see some improvement in my skin. I used it on my abdomen the warming sensation almost starts immediately after application and lasts about a half an hour for me. It does make your skin very soft and moisturized. I really love this product I cannot wait to see the long term results. I recommend anyone who has lost weight or had kids and want to tighten there skin up to try it.
Their website is Eveline cosmetics website.
You can purchase this product on Amazon for a reasonable price. Amazon link to purchase Slim Extreme 3-D Thermo Active Serum.
I recieved this product to test for free in return of my 100% honest opinion.

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